Mrs. Wagler's Class Newsletter

October 24 - 28

Reader's Workshop

Second graders become strong readers by...

  • reading nonfiction to grow their knowledge. Ask your child how we've been "brainy reading" this week.
  • using transition words to tell what we've learned. Transition words are the glue that holds everything together! Can you child tell you some examples of transition words?

Writer's Workshop

Strong second grade writers...

  • choose a small moment from Fall Break to share in a narrative writing piece.
  • understand what informative writing is.
  • can use transition words to explain How To Eat an Oreo - and yes, of course we had Oreos on hand to help us with our writing!


Strong second grade mathematicians can...

  • tell time.
  • explore with clocks, geoboard shapes, magic squares and number building.
  • analyze data - we compiled data based on the number of pockets we were wearing on Friday.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

Save the Ice Pop Challenge!

Students have been presented with a problem - ice pops are an after soccer game treat, but the cooler has been forgotten. What everyday items can we use to design an item that will keep the ice pops as frozen as possible? This will be our culminating project that we will build next week. Students will use the design process and test out their inventions.

Meanwhile, we are learning about matter and the properties of matter, the states of matter and reversible and non-reversible changes. We are working in our science journals, completing online mini-experiments and using a PLTW launch log to study what kinds of materials and design elements we may want to include in our final Save the Ice Pop invention.

I will have some items available for students to use (I have LOTS of bubble wrap), but if you have anything around the house that you think they may benefit from, please feel free to send in as soon as possible. Suggestions include - duct tape, masking tape, small boxes, etc. The build will take place with a partner and be done completely at school. Thanks for your support in this!

Second Step

Mrs. Brooks launched our next unit on empathy. We discussed different emotions and what they mean. We know we can gather clues on how others are feeling based on their body language. This unit's theme song can be view below.
The Empathy Song

Lifeskill of the Month: Flexibility

Important Dates

Specials Schedule for the week of 10/31:

Monday - Wellness

Tues - Computer Lab

Wed - Art

Thurs - Music

Fri - Wellness & Library

Monday, October 31 - October Book Order Due

Friday, Nov. 4 - UNICEF Donations Due

Tuesday, Nov. 8 - Class to attend Hinkle Creek Scholastic Book Fair

Wednesday, Nov. 9 - Extended Early Release (dismiss at 2:30)

Friday, Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day Program & Grandparents Day