Monday - Module 15 - Movie Music

Featured Topic: Movies In The Beginning

Module 15: Motion Picture Music: Due Sunday, May 22
READ: Module 15.1-15.5: Motion Picture Music
ASSIGNMENT: Module 15.4: Jobs In The Motion Picture Industry
QUIZ: Module 15.5: Motion Picture Music Quiz

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! This week we begin Module 15: Motion Picture Music. Please take note that we only have four more weeks of the semester left.

*Last day of class is Friday, May 27.

Please let me know if you have and questions and I will be happy to help.

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Mrs. Moncrief
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Movies In The Beginning

We have Thomas Alva Edison to thank for giving us the movies and the sound to go along with them. Edison’s invention of the Phonograph, which recorded sound joined with the Projecting Kinetescope, which recorded motion pictures; created pictures with sound. It was all very primitive, and would not be until much later that a good synchronization between the two machines occurred, but it was the beginning to movie magic as we know it today. It is the speech, sound effects, and definitely the music that captures our hearts and imaginations in the world of cinema!

*First Edison silent movie clip in 1894 entitled, "Fred Ott's Sneeze"