A Therapeutic Day Treatment Holiday Extravaganza

Let's do something special for the kids...

As the end of a completely chaotic and busy semester comes to a close, I know we are all anxious for the holiday break! And what better way to kick it off than some cheesy, fun, skill-building games! I'd like to send our TDT kids into their holiday break with good vibes and happy memories of a day well spent. Let's show them a fun time by having them participate in a series of challenging and silly Minute-to-Win-it Games! Each class will set up 2-3 games that are kid friendly. We will rotate the four classrooms so each student visits each class and plays each game. I want everyone to be able to participate. Games should be flexible enough that any of our students from kindergarten through eighth grade can participate and win!


Friday, Dec. 20th, 12pm

1200 West Walnut Street

Rogers, AR

Each class will set up and participate in a series of minute-to-win-it games.

The Plan

11:30 Lunch as usual

12:00 The Festivities Begin

12:30 Rotate Classrooms

1:00 Rotate Classrooms

1:30 Rotate Classrooms

2:00 Clean up and get ready for buses

*This is a just an example schedule. Times are flexible and can be changed based off how long we estimate the students will spend in each classroom.

*Group therapies will need to be held in the AM before lunch. Thank you for your flexibility wonderful MHPs!


Fruity Loops

Minute To Win It Birthday Party with school friends

Let's all be good sports!

Planning fun things for our kids takes time and energy (remember our first annual Field Day last year)! Let's stay positive about this and approach it like the well-knit, happy team that we are.

Once each class picks their games (no repeats on games please), we will make a list of supplies that will be needed. A lot of the items will be things we already have (buckets, wreaths, bolts, pool noodles, etc). Other items will need to be purchased. If we all chip in and offer to bring one or two items, think of the fun we'll have!!!

In other words, no complaining:) Thanks for your participation in advance!!!