Swimmer, Artist, Singer, Musician, Writer

About Me

Hi, my name is Daniela Gomez. Most people call me Dani. I dedicate most of my time to swimming, drawing, singing, composing music, playing the violin and piano, writing articles and fiction for the newspaper, studying for school, and hanging out with my friends. I am a tough athlete and a straight A's student. I am a songwriter and a musician. I also write poetry, fictional stories/books, and nonfiction journalism.

Swimming is my Life

I love this sport! It is my life all the way. I'm hard-working and I take swimming seriously. But I have fun too! I love relays and sprints and games. Competitive swimmers have to have fun and games every once in a while right? I'm on the highest age group team in my club and we have the best coach EVER. Matt Jordan is the funniest, craziest coach we could ever have. He has the hardest workouts. It's scary. His only fault is that he hates the Miami Heat :( and the Heat are going to win again this year anyway and BURY the Celtics so, sorry Matt. We also have an awesome team in Coral Springs.

Writing is my Life

OK... So swimming is my life, but writing is too. I am a writer 110% of my time. When I read something, I think like the author would or like the editor would. I do a lot of writing about swimming as well. I write poetry and fiction. I'm writing some books right now. I also do non-fiction and journalism. I like to draw a lot to accompany my writing especially when it's poetry or fiction.

Music is my Life