The history of the band Cream

By: Alex Terry

who was the guitarist for cream?

Eric Clapton. he Used a Painted gibson SG He turned the volume all the way up and the tone all the way down to get that signature clapton sound. he got very good at guitar at a very young age because he played along with many records on a daily basis.

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What was there first album and when did it come out?

Fresh Cream 1966. The album peaked at No. 6 on the UK album chart and No. 39 on the U.S. album chart.

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When and where was their last concert?

1969 Royal Albert Hall although they did do a reunion in 1993 a the rock and roll hall of fame and then again for a more lengthy reunion again at the royal Albert hall in 2005 and at Madison Square Garden in 2006.

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what album was Tales of Brave Ulysses on?

Disraeli gears An Australian painter named Martin Sharp helped Clapton write this. Sharp painted the album cover of Disraeli Gears. it used many different pictures from many different books he changed the color of most of the things that he took.

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What year was Jack Bruce born?

1943 he lived to age 71 he died at his home on October 25 2014 from liver disease.
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