Postpartum Depression

Ashlyn Tarp P.5


Its a moderate to severe depression in a women after she gives birth. It may occur as soon as after the delivery or up to a year later.

Duration: 50% of women that get this and that get help it will last up to a little over a year and 30% of women get this and don't get clinical treatment will be depressed for up to 3 years or more


Trouble sleeping

No appetite

Feeling of worthlessness or guilt

loss of energy

thoughts of death and suicide

loss of concentration

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How to cope with this depression:

Make time for yourself even if its only for 15 mins

Make a schedule for when your husband helps and when you help

Keep a journal of all your emotion thoughts

Find someone that will help with your household, run errons, and take care of your child so you will have enough rest time

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