Picture the Preamble

By Dylan M.

More Perfect Union

This picture relates to a more perfect union because it shows people being nice to each other and I think people in this world need to be nicer to each other and make this world more perfect.

Establish Justice

This picture relates to establishing justice because it is part of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence gave our country our freedom.

Domestic Tranquility

This picture shows domestic tranquility because people in America are equal no matter what culture you are and there is peace between us.

Common Defense

This picture shows common defense because the Armed Forces protect America and seeing that you are safe makes Americans feel better.

General Warfare

This picture shows our military which protects Americans and shows that we have people looking out for us.

Blessing of Liberty

This picture represents Blessing of Liberty because the Statue of Liberty shows that Americans have liberty which means that there is no fear or prejudice in the United States.