The Crucible

jose is the boss

John Proctor

John was a farmer and had an affair with Abigail, and they did not tell anyone about it. John is also married with Elizabeth an she has two kids and one on the way. John also was hanged because he had pride in his name and also he wouldn't sign a plead because he said he was not a coward.

Abigail Williams

Abigail is one of the girls that started the whole problem about the witches, she was also one of the girls that was in the woods dancing with other girls around a pot. Abigail also blames other people when she knows that she may be in problems, or might get hanged.

Elizabeth Proctor

Elizabeth is a stay at home mom and is also John proctor's wife, and she is also pregnant. She also doesn't like Abigail for having an affair with her husband.
Intolerance is portrayed in this play by the characters telling and lying about each other an blaming innocent people. Hysteria is also portrayed by the characters they go crazy trying to find out who are the real witches an who are the innocent ones. John had a good reputation but then was destroyed by having an affair with Abigail the men fight for there name and for they're reputation not to be ruined.