Spray Painting

Electroststic Spray painting

With an electrostatic spray paint gun, particles of paint are given a positive or negative charge as they leave the nozzle of a spray gun. The object to be painted is earthed (grounded) so that there is an electric field between the nozzle and the object. The charged paint droplets follow the field lines are are deposited evenly over the surface of the object.

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How it works

The electrostatic spray paint gun gives a positive or negative charge to the little droplets of paint and shoots the paint at a grounded (neutral) object. Because all of the paint droplets are charged the same, they repel evenly and evenly cover a larger surface than a normal spray paint gun. The charged particles will attract to the neutral object, inducing an electrostatic charged separation, this way the paint will also stick to the object a lot better than any other paint.
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What is Electrostatic Spraying?