Now Hiring Sport Statistician

Part-time and Full-time jobs are being offered

Job Description

As a Sport Statistician you will watch and document all statistics that occur during a game. You also compile stats of games, years, and athletes careers. You may also serve as an official scorer, which means you will decide how a particular play will be scored. You must be able to use a computer to put stats together and so others can access the data you collected.

Education Needed

To gain this job you must have a Master's degree in Statistics and in Mathematics. Statistics programs include methods, calculus, mathematical modeling, and probability theory. You also need to have a computer science course under your belt because you must use statistical software to record data. Must have an understanding and knowledge on the certain sport that you are looking to cover.


The average income of a Sport Statistician annually is $72,610. The lower 10% of this pay scale is $39,740 and the upper 10% of this pay scale is $117,190. The normal or average pay per game is $50 - $100.

Job Oppurtunity

The good news about this job is that the field is ever growing at a rise of 13% between the years 2008 - 2018. The bad news is that it is harder to find full-time, which pays more, than it is to find part-time.