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Liechtenstein is home to the historical landmarks such as; Vaduz Castle, which holds the prince of Liechtenstein. Its official language is German, followed by Alemannic Dialect.

The countries population stands at 37,009... making it a perfect place for a non-stressful get-away. If in fact, you were looking for religious chruches to attend while your vaction... The countries religion consist mostly of Roman Catholic and Protestant.

Liechtensteins' Government, Currency and Economy


Liechtensteins' government is 'Heridity Constitutional Monarchy' (Limited Governemt)

Leader: Adrian Hasler- Prime Minister

European Union Member? No

Current government concerns? 'Illicit drugs'

Currency/ Economy

GDP: $3.2 billion

GDP per capita: $89,400

Currency: Swiss francs

Exchange rate to U.S. dollars: .94

Major economic activity: Electronics, metal manufactoring, ceramics, food production and TOURISM.

Famous Brands: LGT Bank, FC Vaduz


% arable land: 24% permanent crops: 0% permanent pastures: 16% forests

Wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, livestock, dairy products

Human enviornment interaction: Emosson Dam

Extra Information (Climate, Food, and Fun)


Winters- Cloudy and cold, Frequent snow or rain.

Summers- Cool to warm, humid summers.

Relative location- North of Italy, central Europe/ between Austria and Switzerland

Music/Literature- Opera, free jazz

Vaduz film fetivals, Ruggell film fest

Cultural foods- Very diverse, wine tasting

*A hearty pasta-dish known as Käsknöpfle.

*cornmeal-based delicacy known as Ribel

Famous Landmarks- government building, national museum(s), and many other castles.

Historical Political Event- occupied by both French and Russian troops during napoleonic wars.

Established within the holy roman empire in 1719.

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Next stop - Monaco!

Monaco is a perfect getway for a beach or water trip! Located on the coast along southern frace, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. With the population standing at 30,500 , the official language is French... following that is english and italian. (You might want to get a translator book!) For sundays, opitional churches are moslty Roman Catholic.

Government and Economy (+agriculture)


Government type- constitutional monarchy


Leader- Michel Roger, Minister of State

*Not an European Union member


Currency- Euros

GDP- $5.748 billion

GDP per capita- $70,600

Exchange rate to US dollars- .7752

Major economic activities- tourism, constrcution, consumer products


% arable land- 10.16


H.E.I- The Hercule Port

Extra Information (Climate, Food, and Landmarks!)


Historical Political Event- House of Grimaldi ruled Monaco since 1297, until state was finally recongnized by Franco-Monegasque Treaty in 1861.

Current Gov't concern- Monaco's population age-ing, no international disputes.

Historical monument- Monaco Cathedral

Famous landmarks- Fort Antonie, St. Charles church


Cultural food- Influenced by portugues and french cultures.

*Fougasse- a form of pastry

*Angolan Food


ProTech, Marcos

Climate- (unusually warm most of the year)

Summer- Warm summer mediteranean Climate

Winter- frequent rainfall, dropping temperatures... warm compared to other countries winters. Cool winds blow at night


Monaco is big in film sets

"Hymne Monegasque" is Monacos' national anthem

Little Europe: Monaco

Next Stop- Croatia!

Croatia is rich in history and never-ending in possiblities of fun! As Croatia stands between central and southeastern europe, the medeteranean waters are to die for! with the population standing at 4,475,611 people... there are many recources to accomidate everybody! with the inevitable, cold winters and hot summers... Croatia could take you skiing or swimming!

Government, Economy and Agriculture


Type- Parliamentary Democracy

Leader- Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic


Member of European Union? Yes

Current Gov't event or concern- boundry issues, displaced people, illicit drugs


Currency- Kuna (HRK)

GDP- $77.56 billion

GDP per capita- $17,600

Exchange rate to the U.S.- 5.8503

Major economis activities- machinery, import/export, textiles, chemicals and fuels.

famous brands- ORC croatia, Hrvatska the mediteranean games.


% arable land- 100 km2

Agriculture- livestock, grapes, fruits, arable crops, vegtables

H.E.I- A dam, that recently went under high risks of underground complication, maybe leading to a collaps.

Extra Information (Culture, food, and landmarks!)


Pršut- dried- cured ham

Paški sir- cheese from Pag Island

Ispod peke- method of food preparing

Pašticada- traditional meat dish

Famous Landmarks

Dalmation coast, Dubrovnik old city, Plitvice lake national park

Music/ Literature

national anthem: "Lijepa nasa domovino"

medival literature