Tech Tuesday

Welcome Back!

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Greetings from Arika in the IT Department (Software Manager). I'm Blue over Green. I have moved into the IT Department and will be visiting your classrooms soon. If there are specific technology needs that you desire, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I'll be glad to come to your campus.

You can find me on social outlets, especially Twitter.

Don't forget to follow SWSchools on Twitter. The IT Department has a twitter account now too. Use that hashtags from PD, #swschools.

Our district Pinterest link has loads of topics and ideas and can be found on the Quick Links page on the district home page. Links to software used on certain campuses can also be found on this matrix, inlcuding Stemscopes, TEKS Resource System, Learning A to Z, eduSmart, Teacher Website Portal, Payroll Plus, Office 365 and much, much more.

The YAPP app, our District Professional Development app, will be used all year. If you need assistance with getting the app on you phone, please let me know. It's available online too. Please ask for the link. I don't want to post it here in open view.

Campus Software

Please see the chart below to see what software programs were purchased for your campus. All campus software listed below is now hosted online as of this year. The Software Symbaloo Matrix is on the District Website. Go to Quick Links here. The chart below does not include District Software. All campuses have access to District Software which includes TEKS Resource System and DMAC.
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Edmentem Study Island Sensei

Attention Mangum Elementary and MSHS Campuses!

Have you heard about Edmentum Sensei? It's a free service to those who have Study Island.

  • Allows you to track and understand students' standards mastery
  • Allows you to take action on your student data directly form the dashboard

Check out this On Demand Webinar to learn exactly how it works and how you can use it in the classroom and check out this page for Getting Started with Study Island, RTI Progress Monitoring Tool and more.

Don't Marry, Date!

And I'm talking about technology, of course.
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I've learned that with technology, you don't have to marry it, just try it out. If you don't like, move on. So here's my challenge to you. Date one of these programs below. Your kids will love it and you will too.


Great news! eduSmart is now online and can be accessed anywhere you go. Whether at work/school or at home, all you need is our special link which can be located on our Quick Links page on our district website page. All you need are your teacher credentials that was emailed to you.

Student accounts are coming soon. Our IT Department is working with eduSmart to get them the access. They too may use their logins at school or at home. How awesome is that!

eduSmart Science is broken into the following subtopics and sections and offers Interactivity, Glossary, Assessment and Simulation:

Kindergarten to Grade 2 Describing Rocks, Life Cycles of Animals, Changes in Matter

Grade 2 Spanish Usando imanes

Grade 3 - 5 Habitats and Organisms, Soil Properties and Experiments, Natural Resources

Grade 5 Spanish Características del Sol,la Luna y la Tierra

Grade 6-8 Force and Motion, Plant vs. Animal Cell, Effects of Plate Tectonics

Biology Gene Expression

To see the course description for each grade level and the TEKS targeted, please see the following link to the eduSmart course description page here:

Edusmart Math is grouped into sets of topics that address specific TEKS for grades 6-8.

Learning A to Z

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Elementary Campuses have access to Learning A to Z (Reading A-Z and Raz Kids products) . There will be a personalized webinar set up for each campus to learn more about this product and ways to use it in your classroom. For now, you may visit their Training and Professional Development page to view their public webinars at the following link:

If you have devices in your classroom, the Kids A-Z app provides even more level reading content, more than 1500 leveled eBooks and corresponding eQuizzes, on a smartphone or tablet. Learn more using the link below:

Classroom Management and Communication Tools

Elementary Pre-K though 5

Check out Class Dojo and Bloomz, both free tools and both work on Apple products, Android devices and Online

Middles School (plus grade 5) and High School

Check out Classcraft.

Simple K12

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Simple K12 is an online website that offers free live webinars. Although they offer paid subscriptions to other resources, the free webinars are awesome. For upcoming webinars, please see the image below. To go to the Simple K12 website, use this link: and be sure to check back monthly for new webinars.
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Animoto for Educators

Apply for the unlimited educators account using this link and learn more about what you get:

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Teacher Websites

Don't forget to keep your students and parents up-to-date on what's going on in class. The teacher website is a great way to do this. Providing resources for home use is useful too. Pictured to the right is a screenshot of Dr. Timpe's website. The direct link was placed on the district Teacher Website Portal for her parents and students to use. If you need assistance on building your site, please feel free to reach out.

How'd You Do That?

Create QR Codes (plain and with images):

Scan That QR Code:

Create That Website Matrix:

Downsize that Image:

Make That Monitor Screen Image:

Sidenote for Images: I do create a lot of things in Photoshop but I also use Powerpoint (yes I said PowerPoint, you can ask me how) and Canva for a lot of simple creations.

Twitter User?

Heard of Twitter Deck? Their visual view provides a whole new outlook on the social media tool I so love. Check it out:

eColors Man

Looking for the ecolor men? I can email the full size by request or you can find your small ecolor man on Linebook in the ecolors folder.
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