May 13 - May 19 VOL.# 2 ISSUE#32

Weeks at a glance


9:30 Cultural Day Program




Staff Meeting (make sure you have read chapter 12 & 13)



PBL celebration at Palio's in The Colony

Wedding shower for Jenny Popp


Spirit Day: wear RED, WHITE, & BLUE




Kinder field trip to Perot

Safe & Civil


9:30-10:30 PTA turnover meeting


Camp Coyote 8-12:30

Pickles & PopCorn

April, May, & June birthday luncheon (presented by Sped & Support)

1:30 Quality Coyote Assembly


"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

~ John F. Kennedy

MAY Birthdays

5/29 Chelsi Owens

5/29 Liz Carlson

5/29 Michele Jacobsen

Updated Information


~May 16th will be the last day for Thursday tutoring. Based on student needs, tutoring for the remainder of the year is on a student need and can be scheduled for any school day (with parent's permission)

~Teachers, if you have any markers, crayons, rulers, scissors that you will be getting rid of, please send it to the Art room. Thank you. Remember your trash can be someone else's treasure! J.Rios

~Textbook Scan In

Once textbooks are scanned in, they cannot go home with the students anymore. REMOVE ALL BOOK COVERS.

A table will be provided outside your grade level. One teacher per day will need to put all student/teacher textbooks opened to the back, on the table. I would like to start this immediately each morning, therefore it would work best if you had your students put the books out at the end of the day, the day before your scheduled day. I haven’t tried this before, so I will be asking for feedback! Teddy

Friday - Fannin

Monday – Thrasher , Carpenter, Faulkner, Ingarfield, Sloman

Tuesday - Griffin, Owens, Floyd, Alvarez, Popp

Wednesday – Lott, Hall, Jackson

Thursday – Heyen, Wittenauer, Carlson, Suitor, Zaccarella

Friday – Howard, McKinney, Allemier, Hernandez, Stevens

~Information on SeaWorld tickets.

~The last day for students to check out books for the school year is Friday, May 24th. I will use the last two weeks of school to collect, repair, clean, and organize the library materials. The library computers can still be utilized through the last day of school. Books need to be returned by31st.

~ THINKAPALOOZA is coming along. Thanks to everyone for being open to something new to end the year. I need help in collecting tons of newspapers. Please send them to my room 217, or I will be happy to come by and get them. Thanks to several teachers that have given newspapers already!

~Please Note: The last day students can charge a meal without money on their account is Thursday, May 23rd. Soon you will notice this date on negative and low balance letters to help notify parents. In an effort to communicate this more effectively to parents, please include this date in your school newsletters or other communication channels used at your school.

Coyote Pride

~Fourth Grade would like to thank Dani for all of her hard work preparing our PBL- Outside Our Walls. The kids are loving and learning so much about the needs of other children. ~4th grade

~SHOUT OUT: Great job Quatro Pequinos!!! I had a blast pulling it all together with you! Julie

~Thank you to our team leaders for your time, thoughts, and laughs! MJ

~I wanted to say thanks to Jennifer and Julie for covering my class while I was out! They are amazing people and teachers!! Thanks again!! Jennifer Reeves

~Shout out to Randie Faulkner for putting together a field trip check list for everyone to include in our field trip folder on the shared drive. She is so organized and efficient……and has a wonderful positive attitude too! Just love her!!! Angela Hamilton