Music News

What's happening in the Baker-Butler Music Room? Grades 2-5

We are making music at Baker-Butler!

All students in grades 2-5 receive 60 minutes of music instruction each week. In addition, Fourth graders have a volunteer recorder ensemble, Fifth graders can participate in the "Fifth Grade Music Club", and Fourth and Fifth students make up the membership of the Baker-Butler Chorus. All music instruction focuses on the curriculum objectives for each grade level. These main objectives are:
  • Sing
  • Play
  • Move
  • Create
  • Listen
  • Read

Recorder Instruction gets kids in tune!

The Fourth grade students received their recorders and books in January. This is a fun and important musical step for students as they begin reading music and participating in an ensemble. Please see the attached schedule for your child's recorder days!

Rockin' Recorders!

When does my child bring their recorder to school?

All fourth and fifth graders bring their recorders to music twice a week!
Recorder Club members also bring their instruments on Fridays. Here are the days your child's homeroom comes to music.

Monday: Kennedy Hendrix Thomasen Spring
Tuesday: Drago Hendrix * Roesch Hazlett
Wednesday: Shupe Briedus-Ruiz Thomasen* Spring*
Thursday: Drago* Kennedy* Roesch* Hazlett*
Friday: Shupe* Briedus-Ruiz*

Star* Days are the days students can play solos to earn stars. It is not a requirement for a student to play but it's a great way to focus on independent practice.

Third Graders are excited about their upcoming play: "Biomes: Animals and Their Habitats"

When: Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
Where: Baker-Butler Gym
Time: 1:30 pm school performance , 7:00 pm evening performance
More information to follow!