Weekly RoAR!!

What's happening in Mrs. Stewart's class?

Week of November 14th

Hello families!!

Field Trip:

Our field trip is fast approaching! Please make sure your child brings his/her lunch box if you have elected them to eat that for lunch. They also need to wear their 2nd grade Dodd shirts. Since we are eating lunch at a park after the exhibit, and Texas weather is unpredictable I would suggest sending a small jacket with your child just in case it's chilly outside.


My pencils seem to have begun to grow legs, and are walking out of my class. My erasers are also being eaten (yuck) so if you are able to send some pencils to class that would be greatly appreciated.


Spelling Rule: Inflectional ending “ing”.
We will not be changing the base word.

(speaking, brushing)

Word Wall Words: turn, hurt, work, won, one

In class, we will go over examples that follow the rule. They will be tested on 4 words from that list, and 6 additional words that the ELAR teachers brainstormed. They will be tested on the word wall words that are specifically in their planners, and that will be consistent each week.

Unfortunately, we do not do redo's on spelling grades at this time.


This week's skills:

This weeks skills:

Locating facts while reading

Identify the author’s purpose for writing the text

Making inferences while reading

Describing the elements of Drama (dialogue, characters)

Reading Drama’s

Writing with a beginning, middle and end

Identifying and using present, past, and future tense verbs in their writing.

Reading contractions and recognizing what an apostrophe is

Using correct capitalization and punctuation in writing.

Identifying the oceans and continents on our Earth.

Important Dates

Nov. 15-Field Trip

Nov. 18 –Jump Rope For Heart Ends

Nov. 21-25 Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 30–Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A

Dec. 2–PTA Winter Wonderland

Dec. 5-9 –Santa Shop (more information to come)

Dec. 16 –Dino Beat 9 Week Recognitions