The Nervous System

By Abigail, Colton, and Sean

What is the Nervous System?

The Nervous System sends signals to the whole body on what to do and how to work. Without it, people and animals could not feel or move.

How is the Nervous System important in your daily life?

The Nervous System helps you feel pain that tells you to stop what you are doing or if something is hot or cold. If your Nervous System stops working, if you were outside on a snowy day with short sleeves on, you wouldn't feel anything, but your body will freeze. Or, if you were badly injured, the Nervous System wouldn't be able to tell your Immune System to cure it.

How to keep the Nervous System healthy?

To keep the Nervous System healthy, wear all safety precautions before biking, scootering, roller skating, or any action. If the neck or spine breaks, since the spinal cord is connected to the brain, you may suffer memory loss or you may get paralyzed.

Some of the effects you will experience if you didn't take care of your Nervous System:

-Blood supply problems

-Injuries (trauma)

-Mental Heath problems

-A brain tumor

-Heart failure

-Liver failure

-Kidney failure

-High blood sugar



-Loss of speech

-Sudden,sever headaches



-Inability to stand or walk


-Sever nausea



The Main Components of the Nervous System


Brainstem- The part of the brain that controls many body functions that occur automatically.

Cerebellum- The part of the brain that coordinates the action of the muscles and helps maintain balance.

Cerebrum- The part of the brain that interprets input from the senses, controls the movement of skeletal muscles, and carries out complex mental processes.

Reflex- An automatic response that occurs very rapidly and without conscious controls.

And that concludes our presentation about the Nervous System!!!