A Christmas Carol Background

Zeb Willer

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Charles Dickens Life

Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and died in the year 1870. Charles Dickens lived during the Victorian Age, which is when the Queen was Queen Victoria. His father worked in the navy. At one point Charles Dickens' family was so poor they went to debtors jail. The whole family went with but Charles couldn't and ended up working in a kid factory. As an adult he married Katherine Hoggart and had many kids. Katherine's sister, Mary Hoggart, was working for Charles and Katherine in their house just helping them out. When Mary died Katherines youngest sister came to help out. Charles Dickens was so sad that Mary died that he wanted to be buried next to her. Later in the marriage Charles was getting "bored'. They ended up divorcing and Charles wanted the kids to have just about no contact with their mother. When Charles Dickens died in 1870 he was writing a book and just got halfway done when he died.

Charles Dickens Books

Charles Dickens wrote many books, in fact he wrote 14. When he would have company over he could just sit on his couch and write. As a young adult he was always writing. He had a job to write the "Pickwick Papers". One of his more famous books is "A Christmas Carol". It was about a man named scrooge who hated Christmas but with visits from three spirits, Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future they changed his vision on it and became a very jolly man that loved all. Charles Dickens wrote in a different way that got readers interested and that made him one of the best writers of all time.

The Industrialization

The Industrialization was during the Victorian Age. This was a time where the technology had vast improvements. Since the technology was improving so much it was making work so much easier. There was machines that could do work of men but faster. The industrialization changed their lives and the future of technology.

The Victorian Age

The Victorian Age lasted from 1837-1901. The Victorian Age is the time period that had Queen Victoria as the ruler. This era had many improvements. It was the host of the industrialization and one of the most famous authors, Charles Dickens. This era was filled with many opportunities for people and an improved life.

Child Labor and Poverty during the Victorian Age

Child Labor was terrible during the Victorian Age. There were kids as young as five years old that were working in factories and getting a very low pay. Even though the Victorian Age was full of vast improvements and opportunities, poverty was inescapable. Many people lived in poverty and could't afford to pay their debt. For some the Victorian Age was amazing but for others it was a time of mass poverty.
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