Fitness For Everyone

By Jango

Intense, personal fitness for everyone

Balanced, Holistic, REAL Fitness - not just body-building.

Jango is an amazing trainer, and understands that everyone wants to be fit, but not everyone is a born athlete. Want to know why? Read his inspiring story here:
Making Mr Strong - Mumbai Mirror

Having worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and having even trained celebrities, Jango now starts his group classes - "FITNESS FOR EVERYONE - By Jango".

Lose weight, stay fit, avoid injuries - and look GREAT!

Effective workouts for both beginners and regular gymmers:
* constantly varying exercises - work out all your muscles
* freehand exercises * mix of varied cardio drills
* body weight training * kettlebell workouts

Easily tailored for kids, seniors and people with disabilities.

Personal Attention Guaranteed.

Starts - February 6, 2015, every Saturday and Sunday

Timings - 4pm-5pm & 5pm-6pm

Price - Rs 4,000 per month, Rs 600 per session.

Where - 'B' Wing Podium, EVEREST APARTMENTS,

Corner of J P Road and Yari Road,

Versova, Mumbai.

(Landmark - Scrumptious Restaurant Building)

Email - /

Phone - +91 98704 86379 (Jango)

Testimonials which matter!

Steve Cotter - President and Director, International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation:
“Really proud of you, Jehangir Sethna (Jango)! Proud to know you and call you a dear friend also. Continue to inspire me and many others with your never-quit, positive attitude!”

Shivoham (
Deepesh Bhatt) - Owner and Head Coach, CrossFitOm, Mumbai:
“ Jehangir Sethna (Jango) is definitely an example for a lot of people out there. People who make small excuses about why they cannot workout should definitely meet this man here. Jehangir was the first person who paid up for the Bootcamp which I had organised in 2009 Sept. He has stuck on and now trains as one of the head trainers at Reebok CrossFit Colaba. Those who have known him have seen him transform and change his body in ways doctors thought it would never be possible. He has proven that no body knows the body better than them. And on top of all this he bakes the most awesome apple and rum pie and also paleo brownies.”

Contact: / 98704 86379