Rowe & Dunn 5th Grade

Feb. 13-Feb. 17



  • Valentine Party 12:30 - 1:30
  • Middle School Band Performance @ 1:30


  • Schedule meeting for students attending Laura Bush
  • Board Meeting @ 7 in Cafeteria


  • End of 4th six weeks

Lunch Menu

Monday: Chili Dog w/ Saltine Crackers Ham & Cheese Sub Salisbury Steak w/ Roll & Gravy Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday: Popcorn Chicken w/ Roll Pepperoni Pizza Creamy Macaroni & Cheese Refried Beans Sweetheart Jello w/ Whipped Topping

Wednesday: Breaded Baked Chicken Sandwich Beef Ravioli w/ Roll Ham & Cheese Sandwich Seasoned Mixed Veggies

Thursday: Grilled Cheeseburger Chicken & Chili Crispito Hawaiian Pizza Spiced Green Beans Friday: Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich Spaghetti w/ Meat sauce & Breadstick Mini Corn Dogs Peppered Corn


This week we will wrap up our Unit with procedural text. We will evaluate parts of a procedural text and how to understand information in a procedural text to complete a task or solve a problem.

** No spelling or vocabulary this week

** Unit test 4A & 4B on Wednesday!


We will finish Unit 10: Geometry. Students will test both content and vocabulary on Thursday & Friday. Their review will be in their notebooks on Wednesday. We are in topics 12, 13, & 14 in the Envision Workbooks.


Students have started our new unit on Ecosystems-- this week students will be learning about abiotic and biotic factors and how these things interact in the natural world. Students will be creating a poster sorting between the two show we can showcase their knowledge in the hall! Students will also be learning about what happens when outside factors like humans make changes to ecosystems around them. Finally, this week students will create a "Home Sweet Home" project that showcases one ecosystem of their choosing-- students will create a google slide of all the living and non living factors in the ecosystem, what animals live their then share it with the class!

Social Studies

This week we will be learning about the Cilvil War! We will be learning about how the Union has been dissolved, how there was only one war but two leaders, and how there was a new president of the Confederate States! We will be completing our Studies Weekly Newspaper which includes a crossword, Comparing and Contrasting activity, and a video on life during the Civil War. At the end of the week, we will be taking a 10 question quiz on everything we've learned over the week!