Jackson's Era

The Up and Down era

The Trail of Tears

The trail of tears was the trail that the native american's walked. They walked because of the Indian Removal act. It made all native american's stop what they were doing and move to west towards Oklahoma. This trail killed a lot of native american's because of droughts and the harshest winter.

War Record

The victory that wasn't really a victory. The Battle of New Orleans. Britain wanted to take control of the United States' largest harbor at the time which was New Orleans. So British troops marched down to New Orleans. But Andrew Jackson knew that they were coming. So Jackson launched a surprise attack. Sure enough Britain fell back but before they fell back a peace treaty was signed and Andrew Jackson didn't know about it. But yet he still thought of it as a win.

Killing the National Bank

The second national bank was a good bank while it lasted. Jackson removed the bank right after Jackson got elected for his second term. The bank needed to be renewed but Jackson vetoed it and it got removed. Jackson removed the bank because he thought that it was wrong that only the wealthy and the rich could use national bank. All the money in the bank went to individual state banks across the U.S. But soon after the economy fell into a economic depression.

The Soldier

Oh, Jackson my buddy. Remember the battle of new Orleans. Man, you led an army to defeat Britain. Well not really because of the peace treaty the was signed but we didn't hear about it. But still you were a grea- Wait not great but excellent genral in that battle.

The Cherokee

Why Jackson? Why did you have to kick us out. You didn't have to be so forceful about it. You could've just asked for us to move somewhere. And why Oklahoma it is so small. The trail was so long and nearly half of my tribe died. The winters were harsh and horrible same with the summers. The droughts were twice as bad as the winter.
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This political cartoon shows that Andrew Jackson is trying to get rid of the national bank.