how many triumph over adversities when having perseverance

What is perserverance

Many think perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving. But it is much more than achieving something it is also a good trait to have when going through tough times or major adversities and hardships. Perseverance also means having the ability to be resilient after an adversity. As you can see perseverance can help you in many situations.

A description of Robby Novak and everything he has gone through

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President. He is a very inspiring and energetic person.

He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. This is a rare bone disease and a lifelong, chronic condition. Osteogenesis means that he breaks very easily. Because of this Robby has had more than 70 bone breaks. Robby takes a medicine called pamidronate or bisphosphate which takes five hours to make his bones stronger. Robby has been receiving pamidronate every 13 weeks to decrease breakdowns of his bones.Despite these adversities, he remains a very active and humorous boy.Robby has thrived because despite the adversities he has gone through he still acts and does things other boys do his age. He also has a lot of energy and has an exciting and humorous attitude despite the adversities and hardships he has gone through. He has also shown his amazing exited personality through all his Kid President videos that he makes. “You were made to be awesome.” This shows that he is very inspiring because he says very positive and kind things to help the world and all the people.

Jackie Robinson's life (major events)

Robinson first played professional football for the Honolulu Bears, a semi-professional football team. He was then drafted into the army. Then in 1944 after a few years of serving in the army he was discharged. Robinson than began his baseball career with the Kansas City Monarchs. He was than recruited by Branch Rickey to play for the minor league Montreal Royals. Robinson was then brought to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers and became the first black on a Major League Team. But he also suffered racial abuse by teammates and fans but he was resilient and persevered through the adversities he went through. That same year he was named rookie of the year. Than in 1949 he was named the National Leagues Most Valuable player. And in 1956 he retired from major league Baseball.
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The solution to a problem through basketball- Losing To win

Carroll County is located in Tennessee. It is a very poor area and is below the poverty line. Located in Carroll County is a correctional school forthose who were kicked out of their old school. The problem was that many kids that attend this school have gone through many things in their life such as drugs, parents who left them, drug abusing parents, mental illnesses, and some kids don’t even have parent so they live with their friends. The school has a girls basketball team call The Lady Jags this basketball team has lost 212 games in 14 years and has won six. Although the team sounds very bad they don’t just try to make the team win more because they are being taught how to win in real life so they teach the kids helpful and valuable life lessons and especially help the kids that have gone through tough times with their families. The kids and coaches after a while are then like a family because they were all together for so long so it becomes hard when the kids leave to graduate with their other class and school. The solution came over time because the team was always with eachother and so they bonded together and they all helped each other get through tough times together.


As you can see many people have persevered through major adversities in there life and some help others persevere through adversities and hardships even though they themselves may be going through tough times.