Come to North Carolina

By: Garet Sumner

The Founder Of North Carolina

The people that founded North Carolina were the Virginia colonists.

The Year North Carolina Was Founded

The year North Carolina was founded was in 1653.

The Reason Why They Came To North Carolina

The reason why they came to North Carolina is to get more money.

How they got money

They grew and sold there crops to get money.

What They Grew

They grew

cotton, corn, grain, vegetables, and fruit.

What There Religion Is

They had no specific religion and they had religious freedom


A governess usually taught the girls enough reading, writing, and arithmetic to run a household and the social skills to attract a husband. Tutors had to teach boys math, classical languages, science, geography, history, etiquette, and plantation management.

North Carolina

North Carolina and South Carolina used to be one colony until 1712.