by Jake Lakin


I believe that chemical weapons should have been created in the Great War. Although I do not think that the chemical weapons should have been used on humans. I think that creating chemical weapons is a good thing. I feel like it extends our outlook on science. Creating chemical weapons helps move science forward. Science only progresses with trial and error. Using chemical weapons in war, that is an error.

It seems like the most notable case of using toxic weapons on humans was on the Second Battle of Ypres. Fritz Haber created a way to use toxic chemicals in war.5 Once the Germans set loose the chemicals on the battlefield many people died.4.

I believe that using toxic chemicals in war is inhumane. Soldiers died just from being in contact with the toxic chemicals. Men suffocated, and their lungs filled with fluids.4 This is a disgusting way to die.

I feel like that using chemical weapons in war is just an easy way to kill. For example, we used a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. We wiped out thousands of people in seconds. This is the same for WWI. The Germans used poisonous gas to wipe clean the battlefield of soldiers.1

In conclusion I believe that no one needs to die due to chemical warfare. I think that dying from toxic substances is a horrible way to die. Yet, I do believe that creating these kinds of weapons furthers science. Science can only progress when we try to work things out. Think if this without creating these toxic chemicals, where would we be today?