By: Dasia By and Kc Macaragit

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In the book"North America Owls" by Helen Roney Sattler page 35-36 shows how they eat and how they move from high to low altitudes. Not all owls reach adulthood, predators may take a few young when they are born. The insesticide DDT is a chemical that weakens the owls. Rodent Contral programs causes the burrowing owls in the southwest. Five percent of the owls die in their first year. Their greatest enemy is the goshawk.


The Barred owls wingspan is 107 . The feamale has a larger body than the male so it has bigger wings. Males are 48 cm long. The feamales are 51cm long.

In the book North American Owls by Helen Roney Sattler chapter five tells people how they are helping the owls. First there has been a law pass that makes it illegal to shoot owls. If you shoot owls than you will face heavy penalty or a stiffen fine.Second a powerful insecticide called DDT is banned from USA . DDT causes eggs to get weak and then eggs get to breaked in half. People need owls because of the rodent population .farmers now welcome owls with a warm welcome by letting them stay on their property .Rural Oklahoma teens are helping by letting them breed in the abounded buildings and build nest .


The great horn owl has the longest wings their wing are 153 cm long. The second longest is the snowy owl theirs is 150 cm long. the barn owls wings are 110 cm long. The barred owls is 107. The last owl is the screech owl their wings are only 24 cm long they have really short wings.


DDT- DDT is a chemical that weakens the owls.

Chemical- Chemical is something very dangerous and you dont want to touch it.

Illegal-Illegal is were you cant do in that country or state.

Insecticide- Insecticide is banned from the USA, and is also a chemical that weakens the owl.

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