Beachy-Keen Week

with our school of 10

This Week

We went under the sea this week in Room 17! We made prints of shells and starfish in playdoh, used dot markers on fish, laced shells, added texture to starfish with cheerios and glitter, decorated seahorses, and created fish tanks with seaweed and goldfish crackers. We also counted goldfish in fishbowls, did ocean animal patterns and sequencing, fished for numbers, and sorted farm and ocean animals. During circle time, we read Kai Gets Dressed and matched clothing. In addition, we read If You Give a Cat a Cookie and used clues from the story to predict what would happen next. We had a great time listening to different patterns on the drum and trying to imitate them!

This week during our speech rotations, we read Polar Bear, Polar Bear and identified more animals that live in the wild (e.g., polar bears, cheetahs, etc.). We then identified animals from the story on popsicle sticks, and pretended we were that animal after we chose the correct one. We had a lot of fun with that activity! We also classified animals by the amount of legs they had (e.g., no legs, 2 legs, 4 legs), and sorted them into 3 piles. We then used our listening skills to name animals after hearing a description. During P.E. this week, we used scooter boards in a variety of different ways. We rode on our bottoms, on our stomachs, and next to friends. We cheered each other on by waving our pom poms in the air! We also made a big circle and played pass the bean bag.

With our friends from Room 4, we played with ocean animals, pretended to fish, and took turns completing animal puzzles. We read Sunglasses at the Beach to practice prepositions, listened to songs about actions and categories, and had a fun ocean-themed music circle with Ms. Sam. Outside on the playgrounds, we played house, pushed toy lawnmowers, built a block house for the dinosaurs, and went through a chalk maze!

We also had a wonderful time celebrating Ms. Diana's and Ms. Erin's birthdays!!!

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** The preschool speech website has a variety of home practice materials, among other things!