Reading Night

Our Special Night Is Coming Soon!

Help us instill a love of reading in your child's life. Reading Night is a night of literacy and fun! We are rolling out the red carpet for your young readers. Your child can come dressed as their favorite book character. The school staff will be giving out awards for the best costume in the following categories: silliest, most caring, biggest troublemaker, most magical, most elegant, most athletic, most musical, and furriest.

Reading Night

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 6-7:30pm

M B Hubbard Elementary School

The Agenda

6:00-6:30 PTO Business/ Chorus Presentation

6:30-7:00 Character Awards

7:00-7:30 Read ebooks in classroom

EOG Scores will be discussed as well. For more information about the test scores please visit the following page:

Goldilock's Law

Use this guide to help your child choose a book that is "just right".

Too Easy Books

• I have read the book many times


• I understand and can retell the story without much effort.

• I know and understand almost every word.

• I can read the book smoothly and fluently without much practice.

Too Hard Books

• There are five or more words on a page that I do not recognize.

• I am confused about what is happening in the story.

• When I read the words I sound choppy.

• I need help when reading this book.

Just Right Books

• The book is new to me and the topic is interesting to me.

• I understand what is happening in most of the story.

• I can retell what I have read.

• I recognize most of the words on the page, but there are some words

to work on.

• I can read the book by myself but may need help if I hit a tough spot.

Read to Achieve

The goal of the North Carolina Read to Achieve initiative is to ensure that every child is reading at or above grade level by the end of third grade. For more information about this please ask your child's teacher or visit the following website :

More Reading Strategies.....

  • Read to them ( This is the most important strategy)
  • Make Predictions ( Have your child guess about upcoming events in a story)
  • Track Print ( Have your child use their finger or bookmark to point to the words as they read.)
  • Retell (Pretend you weren't listening, have your child Retell the story to you.)