have a little faith

By Mitch Albom

About the book.

It begins with an unusaual request from an 82-year old Rabbi, from his hometown asking him to do his eulogy.Instisting to know the man better he makes trips every weekend to the Rabbi's home , wich throws him back into a world he once knew.Mean while Albom beacomes close to a Detriot pastor-a former drug dealer and convict,who preaches to the poorin a decaying church with a hole in the roof.Moving between Jewish and christianity,african american and white. Album observes how the different me encounter similar ways of suvival. The Rabbi fighting apporching death and the pastor trying to keep himself and the church a float.       "have a little faith" is a book about lifes purposes; about loosing belief and finding it again, a spark in someone.   


"Best nonfiction book of 2009!"-Oprah.com

"Everyone should read it!"-Hoda kotb,people,Top Ten Books of 2009

"Albom offers another inspirational and heartwarming story about streangth, friendship and the power of faith."-Booklist

"This a perfect book to read wether you are religous or not the stories behind the characters are inspiring ,uplifting , and possibly relatable to some readers."-me


Going back and forth between the two different worlds makes you really open your eyes and mind to what people can go though and can happen to them depending on there environment.

-I strongly believe that if more people were like Pastor Henry and Rabbi Lewis, the world could be a better place. For instance, learning how to forgive and forget. If people could learn to do this one simply thing, there wouldn’t be as much hatred or judgment as there is today.

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