The Nervous System

By: Alex Fitzgerald

What it is

It is a network of nerves and muscles that transmit signals to the body. The network is connected through many fibers and nerves in your body.
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What it does

It is what allows you to move your arm and legs, without the nerves transmitting the signal from your brain to certain body parts. The nervous system is what allows you to breath and do other amazing things such as that.

Brief Description

This system monitors and coordinates internal organ function and responds to changes in the external environment.

Do you have issues?

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"Like, do I really need it?"

Yes you do, the nervous system is what makes all this possible. Reading, thinking, walking, it is in control of all of that. It combines the senses so that you can actually use them. Without a nervous system none of us would even be alive.

"Like how much does it cost," you say?

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