The Greatest place in America

Running out of Land better hurry!!!!

Tired of the filthy places in your home town, come to Minnesota and there is not going to be any dirt. You will always have enough food and will never be hungry. 'Manufacturing water powers to any extent.' Minnesota has thousands of lakes with perfect water in them.

Steamboats are making daily stops in Minnesota. There is a school with an amazing teacher Harriet Bishop who is the first school teacher in Saint Paul. Come to Minnesota where there is a 'picturesque scenery'. It has 'Land and water of the best kind'.

The Best place to be.

'I do not regret coming here' says many of the people here. Everyone here has a successful life 'women in general have a good life'. If you are poor this is the place for you all of the rich people here respect the poor, they are willing to donate food, water, and money. Come to Minnesota!!

Join the fastest growing place in the Country!

'It is very interesting' by Ryan Schultze