The Glass Castle Real World Issues

Mental Illness

Mental Illness

50% of all mental illnessess begin by age 14. This applies to the Glass Castle because they were treated very badley in their beginning years witch probably influenced them to have a mental illness. Jeanette was put through a lot of things whewn she was young so she was more at risk of developing a mental illness.

Civil Disobedince

Rex definitley displays civil disobedince the most in the Walls family. He runs from the law alot and does illegal things without causing viloence. Civil disobedince is really an act against the law of government that you break withiout violence. Thats why they are always running from people town after town and they depend on other people alot like their aunt or parents.


"Belligerent Type" Rex Walls is this type of alcoholic which is verbally abusive and is always looking for fight which Rex and Rose do all the time in the book. This is way of dealing with alcohlism, he is mad at himself for being one and at the same time he takes it out on others to calm down. Thats why when he went through the process for quitting alcohol he didnt want to eat anything or talk to anyone.


This act proposed by the federal government would of helped the Walls family a ton. The acts created tons of programs for homeless people with all types of problems such as no food, shelter, or water. It seamed like the Walls were always short on food and any of the shelters could of filled them up everyday for a while. Also I would rather sleep in a bed in a shelter than an old wooden train station.


According to this article the parents rights to the children should of definitely been terminated. They break most of the reasons why a parents rights would be taken away. The biggest ne is the alcohol abuse by Rex Walls. As you saw in the book Rex cannot survive without alcohol anymore.


According to this article the parents displayed educational neglect. The parents really didn't care if they went to school or not in the early years because they knew more than all of the ids combined in 2nd grade. They only started sending them to school by 5th grade because Rose wanted to say that she had kids attending a nice school.