coastal plain Indian tribes

By Joel, Kenyi, hannah, Jakob

What tribes are in our region?



How do the tribes in your region use the natural resoures to survive?

rivers to drink and for fish

sticks for fire,bows,and houses(bark for houses)

plants and animals to eat and for the plantsis a medicine

what resources do they use to create shelter?

They use sticks and bark to create shelter.They also use hay and vines for there homes.

what resources do your tribes use for food?

they use flowers to eat and medicine .they also use the rivers for food and water.they use the animals for hunting.

How does their needs impact where they choose to live?

they have food,resources for there homes.they also use plants for medicine.

What tools do our tribes use and how do they use to make them?

Thay use many thing like stones and feather to kill and hunt.

describe the community of your tribes.What are the different roles?

They usethe rivers for many things like for food,water and many things.The animals for food, clothes.