Spring is in the Air!!!

Spring Edition....

Months of May/June

As we are approaching the end of the year, I just wanted to touch base about a few random things with NYS State Science 8 testing, Moving up Ceremony, and Finals to name a few. With the way the schedules fall, most of our content for Science 8 will be completely finished by June 6th. With that said it is important that students stay current with all work and do not fall behind. The majority of their class grade for quarter 4 is from the month of May so please make sure that your children stay on top of their work! Students will be receiving a final exam schedule with many important dates so please take a look at it. The science local final will be on Friday, June 17th so please make sure your kids are here!. The moving up Ceremony will take place on June 23rd so stay tuned for more information on that also.
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NYS Science 8 Testing...

So with all the great debate about testing I just wanted to clarify a few things about Science. For starters, Science 8 testing is NOT common core and is NOT some new form of testing. We have been using the same curriculum for over 15 years and basically the same state test which has been without controversy for 15 years plus. If you are curious as to what they look like they are all posted online with answer keys back to 2001.


The test only consists of 1 day in class for a hands on lab test and one day for a written exam. The test is a very fair test with no direct impact on the students. The state does use the scores in my ability as a teacher so the more students who take it, the more accurate a picture of my abilities as a teacher I can present. The other reason I encourage students to take it is it makes a good practice run for their Biology regents test next year. Do you really want the first state science test they take to be their Regents which is part of their transcript? If you have any questions please feel free to email me with any questions.

End of the Year Movie!

Movie Pics/Videos needed!

Every year I am in charge of making the end of the year movie for the 8th grade class. In order for it to work though I need Pictures and Videos from your kids to make it great! Please see the attached flyer for any questions!
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What's up in class?

After finishing our space unit, we have since moved onto Weather. The main goal of this unit is to allow students to understand a weather forecast on the news. Why does dew point and barometric pressure matter? Cold front vs. warm front? What does it all mean? We have talked about a lot of current events from wildfires to tornadoes and even our own local weather events. Up next is Chemistry and that will finish off the year!