Chicago Black site

Black site in Chicago

The Chicago police department work at an off-the-books interrogation site, where detainees cannot contact family or attorneys. Lawyers say it is a domestic site, a CIA black site. The people who were detained were denied basic constitutional rights. The detained Americans were beaten and kept for 12- 24 hours, including 15 year old teenagers. There was a case that a man was found unresponsive in the Homan Square and later pronounced dead.

CIA Secret Detention

September 11, reports began to appear that people were being picked up around the states and held by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). These black sites are located everywhere in the world – in Thailand, Afghanistan, Eastern European countries, and elsewhere. The detainees were lost in a black hole of enforced disappearance, becoming "ghost" held in secret prisons unknown to anyone outside in the world. President Obama did issue an executive order that disavowed torture, ordered the closure of secret CIA detention facilities, and established an inter agency task force to review interrogation and transfer policies and issue recommendations on “the practices of transferring individuals to other nations.”

Fast Facts/ Statistics

  1. At least 136 individuals were secretly detained by the CIA and at least 54 governments reportedly participated in the CIA’s secret detention; classified government documents may reveal many more.
  2. President Bush has stated that about a hundred detainees were held under the CIA secret detention program, about a third of them were questioned using “enhanced interrogation techniques.”
  3. The CIA’s Office of Inspector General has reportedly investigated a number of “erroneous renditions” in which the CIA had taken and detained the wrong people. A CIA officer told the Washington Post: “They picked up the wrong people, who had no information. In many, many cases there was only little association” with terrorism.
  4. Abu Zubaydah was water boarded at least 83 times by the CIA.
  5. Torture is prohibited in all circumstances under international law and allegations of torture must be investigated and criminally punished. The United States prosecuted Japanese interrogators for “water boarding” U.S. prisoners during World War II.
  6. On November 20, 2002, Gul Rahman froze to death in a secret CIA prison in Afghanistan called the “Salt Pit,” after a CIA case officer ordered guards to strip him naked, chain him to the concrete floor, and leave him there overnight without blankets.
  7. The Senate Select Intelligence Committee has completed a 6,000 page report that further details the CIA detention and interrogation operations with access to classified sources. However, the report itself remains classified.

"Once the classic method of lynching was the rope. Now it is the policeman’s bullet."

We Charge Genocide is a volunteer effort to center the voices and experiences of young people who are targeted by police and impacted by police violence, in Chicago. We offer a group for necessary organization to resist police violence in Chicago. The name, We Charge Genocide, comes from a petition filed to the United Nations in 1951 that documented 153 racial killings and other human rights abuses across the United States, mostly caused by the local police. Today, police violence in Chicago continues to violate human rights principles—seen in the daily harassment, abuse, and targeting of youth of color by Chicago police.

We Charge Genocide - The Issue - Will

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all with more than 2.2 million members and subscribers in more than 150 countries. They conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.


In many countries, UNHCR staff work alongside other partners in a variety of locations ranging from capital cities to remote camps and border areas. They attempt to promote or provide legal and physical protection, and minimize the threat of violence - including sexual assault - which many refugees are subject to, even in countries of asylum. They also seek to provide at least a minimum of shelter, food, water and medical care in the immediate aftermath of any refugee exodus, while taking into account the specific needs of women, children, the elderly and the disabled.


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