by Matthew Davis

17th Amendment

Popular election of Senate.

This Amendment was passed on May 13, 1912.

When changing senates there were a lot of deadlocks and puppets which brought attention to people so the 17th Amendment was made.

It's still important because it helps prevent people taking the office of a senate by being someone else's puppet.

It Restricts people from just putting their buddies as a senate or people they bribed to do as they want (puppets).

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18th Amendment

The 18th amendment is prohibition

Religious groups saw alcohol or getting drunk as a threat to the nation so they created a movement against it.

This amendment was ratified in 1920

It's not important today other than the fact for providing history because the 21st amendment canceled out the 18th.

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21st Amendment

The 21st Amendment is the repealed prohibition

The 18th amendment (prohibition) was causing even more distress then when people where drinking booze so it was decided to repeal it.

The 21st Amendment was ratified in 1933

It's still important because it gives people the freedom to choose to drink alcohol

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