Making Wells County More Modern

All New Innovative Barbeque and Microbrewery

What Our Business Has To Offer

Our business will allow people ages 21-35 to have a new place to eat and experience the modernism of a big city right in Wells County. With our new restaurant, Wells County will take a turn for a modern area with new and innovative places for young people to stay and make a life.

Why a new modern restaurant will help our small towns

The median age of people in Wells County is 40, and if the residents of this great county want to continue to see this area flourish and prosper, there needs to be more appeal to the younger generations. With our restaurant having a modern feel to it, it will attract people from outside areas to come and see what this area has to offer. Not only will a new modern restaurant bring in new people but it has the potential to bring in more businesses that will bring in more people and the cycle will continue until this area is booming like it once was.

Where is our restaurant going to be located?

Our new modern restaurant will be located mid-town of Bluffton. Since there is an empty building right on State Road 1, would be a wonderful location to put our new modern restaurant. This restaurant would be give the city an opportunity to expand into a more modern and urban area.