York Co. End of Year Celebration!

Gifford Pinchot State Park

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Remember, we must have an updated Emergency Information Form for all students participating in the outing. Select Here to be taken to the Emergency Information Form.

Join us as we kick off the 2016-2017 School Year!!

Gifford Pinchot State Park, a 2,338-acre full service park, is in northern York County along PA 177 between the towns of Rossville and Lewisberry. The park consists of reverting farm fields and wooded hillsides with the 340-acre Pinchot Lake serving as a prime attraction.

Purpose of Outing:

Learning Objectives:
Students and families will have an opportunity to socialize and network with other families and begin to develop a sense of community. Families will become familiar with PA Virtual staff as a result of the event. During the Spring/Summer Walk, students will learn about the different animals/plants and their habitat within Pinchot Park. Students will also demonstrate their understanding through a interactive Scavenger Hunt.

Students will develop positive socialization skills as a result of the end of year school picnic.

OLS Hours: 60
min for Science and 60 minutes of Language Arts.

York County 2016-2017 End of Year Celebration

Friday, June 2nd, 11:30am-3pm

2200 Rosstown Rd Lewisberry, PA 17339

"Thinking Seasonally" Program.

Heidi Lightner's Cell: 610-551-4027


11:30-12:00- Arrival--Meet @ Conewago Day Use Area (lunch storage and restroom facilities available)/Sign in

12:00-1:00- Spring walk in the woods with Environmental Educator

1:00-2:00pm- Bagged lunch @ Sunnyside pavilion and dismissal.

2:00-3:00- games, games and more games!!

3:00-- dismissal

Cost is free, but donations to the park are accepted.

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