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Read Across America is Coming to Acworth on Friday, March 4!

On Friday, March 4, Acworth will celebrate Read Across America which is a celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday! We will host volunteer readers from across the county, where our stove pipe hats (like the Cat in the Hat!), dress as our favorite book character and READ, READ, READ!! We are so excited about this event this year. If you would like to help or volunteer, please contact me at the email address below.

Math Groups Meet to Understand Concepts

Every morning at 8 a.m., our school has Morning Math for 30 minutes. Every person in the building takes a small group of students and reinforces math concepts with manipulatives, games and one on one talks. I have a second grade group this 9 weeks and they are learning about shapes and their attributes.

In the pictures below, they are making shapes on a geo-board. This learning is meaningful because they are having to make a shape that I describe with a rubberband on the board. Math really can be fun and engaging!
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ALC Schedule Next Week

Next Week: Some interesting things scheduled are:

  • Arbor Day Posters get judged
  • Research/Genius Hours with Biddy, Morris, Vartenisian, Bryan
  • Reading Groups with Kimbrough, Morris and McRorie
  • Target Filming Projects with Ms. Gayle
  • Story Share with Shirley, Guertin, Dobson, Anders

The schedule for next week is below:

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