Highlights of My First Semester

Haley Bertsch- December 10, 2015


Before I was confirmed, I felt like I needed something else in my life, but after I felt like I was complete. I was sometimes sad before receiving the sacrament, but afterwards I was happy and joyful. Being confirmed changed my attitude as I was grumpy and rude before, and after I was helpful and patient.


The playoff games were very similar to those we played in district volleyball, but there were also some differences that occurred. Both playoffs and district games had the same rules, time limits, and set games. Although there were these similarities, the playoff games were one and done, in other words if you lost, then you were done with the season. Also we had different referees and played different teams in the playoffs than we did in district play.


A few months ago, my friend passed away unexpectedly. When this happened, it left her heifers without an owner. Her parents did not want them anymore because they brought back too many memories of her. In order to pay respect to her and help her parents out, I purchased them with the plans to show them at the Fayette County Fair next year and donate all of the money made to her scholarship fund.