by Robert Silva


Netflix was created in 1997 in California by Reed Hastings, a man who had previously worked in pure-software. The idea came to him after he was forced to pay $40 for returning Apollo 13 past its due date. Reed thought 'What if I made a company who would give people DVDs to rent without due dates'. Marc Randolph, once co-founder of Micro Warehouse, also helped by suggesting they sell it over the internet.

How it has changed

In the beginning you were only able to get DVDs through the mail via a monthly subscription. You could choose how many DVDs you would have out at one time but they would only ship you a new one when you sent back the ones you had rented. BUT you could keep them for as long as your little heart desired as long as you paid the monthly fee.

Then they moved to offering both DVD rental and/or Streaming which meant you could

either get DVDs in the mail or watch them using the internet.

Then when it got expensive to pay the fees to the studios for their movies they started to create their own movies and shows that you could only watch on netflix. So basically they moved from being a DVD rental company to a movie studio themselves.


Netflix has become very popular over the course of time. Many people enjoy being able to stream and/or get new DVD's in the mail. Soon, its popularity sky-rocketed, and their once small company became one of the most popular business in history. Without Netflix, the world would not be able to stream online Netflix was one of the first people to have streaming. Netflix has worked very hard to develop new ways of keeping their customers. And because of that hard work, more and more people start using Netflix. As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
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