That Was Then This Is Now


Friendships Don't Always Last Foever

Mark and Bryon are like brother and through out the story there friendship weaker & weaker as Bryon finds out that Mark is doing something that he was been keeping for awhile.

Keeping Secrets

Mark kept secrets from Bryon and his mother, He would lie and say that he got his money from something different but really he got his money from selling pills.
friendship soup

I picked this video because it shows what really is important in a friendship & what is excepted in a friendship.

Author Message/Purpose

-The author purpose is to show that life changes as you grow through it.

-The author message is that everyone faces coming-of age but each person handles it differently.

''Do you ever get the feeling that the whole thing is changin? Like somethin’ is coming to an end because somethin’ else is beginning?''

Mark says this to Bryon in Chapter 4, after the two boys have spent hours reminiscing about the good times they had as children.