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December 6th, 2015

Another Lovely Week to be a Pine

In dance class this past week students worked with partners, practicing shadowing each other's movements, and moving through different levels in space.
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Tomorrow: Dance Class at Mark Morris!

Monday, Dec. 7th, 1:30-2:45pm

3 Lafayette Avenue


This week we will be walking over to the Mark Morris Dance Studio for a special class! The dancers in the company will introduce our students to some of the moves from their Hard Nut show (another take on The Nutcracker). If you're interested in coming on the walk and watching the class please let us know!

Special Thanks to Sky's Family (Elm Class) for arranging our trip to see The New York Ballet's Nutcracker at Lincoln Center.

There were great reenactments of the performance during recess for the rest of the week!

More Measuring in Math

We're continuing in the context of "measuring for the art show" and students are continuing to apply their knowledge of adding 5s and 10s and 1s to help decide the final measurements of our papers. We've remeasured together to figure out the discrepancies in the measurements that partnerships have found and to make a "blueprint" with measurements of all of the papers on it. Students then worked together to create paper measuring strips that show groups of 5s which were a little easier to transport than the connecting cubes. Now we've moved on to measuring other items in our classroom using these strips and recording our findings.

Exploration time!

Exploration time Planning has been a focus this week. Students spent time writing and sketching their ideas and making plans as a group before getting to work.
Lots of great sewing projects are well on the way!
Our tiny friend Eleanor visiting during writing time.
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All About Brooklyn Writing

As a class we're working on an "all about" book sharing information about important places in Brooklyn. Using observations and ideas from our own visits and experiences in these places, we're learning to make brainstorming "webs". Some students are working on their own, and others with partners, to create these detailed webs.
We practiced making a web together about Fort Greene Park.
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What will we do with the change that we've collected? Put it to a vote!

When we collected change to start the money unit in math we planned to give it away to a cause when we were done using it. This week students shared their ideas of places to give to and we discussed each choice together. We compared how each place might use the money and how it would help people. Students were very thoughtful saying, "A library doesn't make money when it gives people books, so it needs money to get more books." "A soup kitchen gives people food and people need food to survive." "People can die if they get too cold." "Hospitals take money from people and sometimes people don't have money to pay hospital." In the end the vote decided that the money will go to the soup kitchen. The same one to which we bring our leftover farm stand produce. Does anyone want to take a walk there with some kids after school this week to deliver the change?
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Trip to the New Victory Theater

Friday, Jan. 22nd 2016 at 9am-1pm

209 West 42nd Street

New York, NY

The second grade has a great opportunity to go to the theater! We're heading to the New Victory Theater to see a performance of the old beloved tale, The Velveteen Rabbit.

It would be lovely to have some family members join us! Please let us know if you're interested.

Extra Clothes Reminder

Please send your child with a ziplock bag of extra clothes. We don't anticipate very many bathroom emergencies in 2nd grade, but we want to be prepared for art projects carrying over onto clothes, water fountain explosions, or the unfortunate sick stomach. Thanks!


This week we listened to the album Fi by a band called Biblio. Among many other great musical selections and lots of Nutcracker music!

Bibio • ‘Cherry Blossom Road’
Tchaikovsky' Nutcracker Soundtrack
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