Reporting from the Middle East

By: Landyn bish

the firalizer That saves the day


Small particles of rich soil. Soil helpes fertiliz the fields.for centuries the Nile's waters would rise in the spring. The swollen river carried silt, or small particles of Rich soil. When it reaches Egypt, the Nile flooded its banks. As the flooded waters withdrew, the silt was left behind, making better for farming.

Shifters in the Sahara


Huge areas of shifting sand dunes in the Sahara. they are used to transport the imports. Atlas Mountains. Another range the ahaggar lies In south Algeria. Between these mountain ranges are areas of the Sahara with erg's

How water is drinkable now


Proces used to make sea water drinkable. It is used to drink and water the crops.oial has helped saucy Arabia boost its standard of living. Money earned by selling oil has built schools, hospitals, roads, and air ports

Desaltization video

most important shortcut

The Suez Canal separates the Sinai penincela from the rest of Egypt. The Europeans built the canal in the mid-1860's. Suez Canal is still one of the worlds most important waterways

Largest desert

The eastern and Libyan desert are part of the Sahara. Sahera is the largest desert out of all of them. Sahera from the aribiz world meaning desert.

main Crops

3 of egypts main crops are

Shutter cane, grains,fruits these are the things that they eat most.