its out if this world (glitsy dog included)

your fun will never be the same!

all of your friends will have her. let your glitsy side show, and it will with this one of a kind doll. your experience will be out of this world just like her. her dog will come alone to make it more fun.she will be your friend when you are alone, and will lesion to whatever you will say, and will never tell your secrets. best for ages 5 and up.

things you can do with the glitisy glam doll.

how will this effect my childs learning?

with this doll it will make your child more social because they will learn to talk to others like they talk to the doll. they will be more interested in exploring because the dolls bright color will inspire them to do more. last when they are mad the can complain to the doll and talk out there problem, that will teach them to channel there anger with no aggression needed.