Arts in Houston Lecture Series

Houston: Opening Time for a Creative City

Dr. Dan Price lectures on Creativity in Houston

How can creative work engage with our city?

The recent trajectory of visual art, culminating in shows like ‘Feast’ currently on view at the Blaffer Art Museum, gives us a clue. Where once we judged art by its ability to transcend the everyday – to open our minds up to the universal in experience – we now look for it to situate us within our world. It opens us, one might say, to who we are.

So what are we “opening” when we turn in toward the places where we already live? How can we be creative in Houston, when all the real art is happening in London or New York?

In order to explore these questions, we’ll talk about the art scene in Houston, starting in the 1960s, but with an eye toward what could emerge from an open engagement with Houston, the creative city to come.

AHLS: Dr. Dan Price, Houston Opening Time for a Creative City

Wednesday, Oct. 30th 2013 at 5-7pm

212 M.D. Anderson Library

Houston, TX

Food and drinks will be provided alongside the lecture along with a Q&A session with Dr. Dan Price.

What is the Center for Creative Work?

The Center for Creative Work offers courses and programs designed for Honors students interested in a critical and interdisciplinary arts environment. We provide workshops, directed studies, art outings, retreats and signature events such as the Dionysia that bring together great books and creative minds.

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