A new and exciting, fun filled nation...

Tescoooopia is found near iceland.

Because it is found near iceland it has a great view of the northern lights. Every so often, when the northern lights come, the residents of Tescoooopia meet up on nortalia mountain were there is a great view of the northern lights and hold a large picnic/feast.

National anthem

(To the tune of ‘god save the queen’)

Our four united lands,

Let us here shake hands,

We will rejoice, in the;

Quarters of Tescoooopia,

Honourable and trustworthy,

Long be here our land,

We love Tescoooopia!

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Meaning of the flag (above)

We chose this flag becuase it shows four separate parts of Tescoooopia coming together to join in one community. Tescoooopia originates from 4 diffrent Nations, wich were known as Nortalia, Soutpia, Eastain and Westwure. They joined to create Tescoooopia, a peace loving Nation! We joined the flag aswell as the countries to show the coming together of diffrent communities into one.

National dish

Our National Oooolova Cake contains Oooofruit, The native fruit that only grows in Tescoooopia!
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