Partnerships @ Home

A Learning Series for Parents & Caregivers

The Role of Parents & Caregivers in Supporting Learning During Challenging Times

The most important thing parents and caregivers can do right now is to keep a love of learning alive for their children. Parents and caregivers are essential partners in supporting learning at home, but what does this mean? Parents do not need to be teachers or content area experts. Please join our Partnerships@Home Learning Series for some ideas about fostering curiosity and a sense of wonder during everyday family life.

All sessions will be virtual.

Various Wednesdays, 7:00 - 7:45 pm

No charge

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The Sessions

Ensuring the Well-Being of Your Family, Especially During COVID-19

December 9 | 7:00-7:45 PM | Zoom

Facilitator: Julie McDaniel, Ph.D., Safety and Well-Being Consultant

Well-being is the foundation for learning and growing. The impact of these times is affecting our well-being. This session will help you understand this impact and provide practical tools, ideas and suggestions for your family.

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Home Libraries as Mirrors and Windows

January 6 | 7:00-7:45 | Zoom

Facilitators: Ashelin R. Currie, Ph.D., Early Literacy Consultant & Jill Maneice, Literacy Consultant

Children’s books are a way to help children learn about themselves (Mirror) and gain understanding about the lived experiences of others (Windows). Join us as we share new and recent book titles that affirm the identity of ALL children. Book lists, websites, and resources for all ages will be provided to get you started!

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Creating Routines (and Calming the Storm)

January 20 | 7:00-7:45 | Zoom

Facilitator: Mary Perfitt-Nelson, Mental Health Consultant

In our current context families are juggling so many things. In this session we will discuss how routines at home can help increase a sense of normalcy for kids. We will explore concrete ways to calm our children when the emotions run high and co-regulation is imperative. This session will provide practical ideas and tools you can use to help. Nice follow-up to the December 9th session.

Audience: Pre-K-Middle School

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Keep ‘em Curious! Exploring the Wonder in Our World

February 3 | 7:00-7:45 | Zoom

Facilitators: Jessica Ashley, Science Education Consultant & James Emmerling, Instruction and Pedagogy Consultant

Kids are naturally curious; they are always asking, “...but why?” Our everyday ordinary is quite extraordinary through the eyes of a scientist. Join us as we explore ways to foster inquiry and wonder at home with children of all ages.

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Let’s Talk: Talking to Your Kids About Race, Racism and Anti-Racism

February 17 | 7:00-7:45 | Zoom

Facilitators: Ashelin R. Currie, Ph.D., Early Literacy Consultant & Jay B. Marks, Ph.D., Diversity & Equity Consultant

What do parents need to know, and what can parents do in order to effectively engage in courageous conversations about race, racism and anti-racism? Join us for this interactive learning opportunity to get the answers to these questions, as well as age-appropriate books and resources that can be used with your children.

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Literacy Strategies @Home: Birth - 3rd Grade

March 3 | 7:00-7:45 | Zoom

Facilitators: Veronica Pechume, Early Childhood Consultant, Ashelin R. Currie, Ph.D., Early Literacy Consultant, Michele Farah, Ph.D., Literacy Education Curriculum Consultant & Jacqueline Mitchell, Educational Improvement Consultant

Spend some time learning engaging ways you can help your young children (birth to third grade) embrace literacy and all it has to offer.

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Learning at Home in Every Language! Tips and Resources for Multilingual Families

March 17 | 7:00-7:45 | Zoom

Facilitators: Christy Osborne, ESL Consultant & Suzanne Toohey, Supervisor of Instruction & Pedagogy

In this session, we will explore helpful language and literacy resources for multilingual families. Speakers of all languages are welcome!

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Teens: A Time of Great Change and Possibilities

April 14 | 7:00-7:45 | Zoom

Facilitators: Jill Maneice, Literacy Consultant & Julie McDaniel, Safety and Well-Being Consultant

Come explore the teenage brain and ways that you can help your teens thrive during this time of great change. Practical tools, ideas, and suggestions will be provided.

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Math Fun at Home: Elementary Focus

April 28 | 7:00-7:45 | Zoom

Facilitators: Marie Smerigan, Mathematics Consultant, Sam Keesling, Mathematics Consultant & Dana Gosen, Mathematics Consultant

Join your children in having fun while learning math. Explore activities for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade that support the development mathematical thinking and skills through games, books, and conversations.

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