Ohlone Family Connection

August 12, 2020

Welcome to a New School Year!

We have missed you, dear Ohlone families. The time is finally here! We are eager to welcome your children on the first day of school. Seeing the excitement in their sunshiny faces and hearing their summertime stories will set everything right again and bring us back to the heart and center of our work as Ohlone educators.

The summer has been quiet and yet busy busy busy with preparations for our new school landscape. Our staff has dedicated part of their summer to learning about distance learning pedagogy and how to create equitable and antiracist classrooms. I am excited for our collaborative work ahead this year.

I know you have been on a super highway of information with big decisions to make and new responsibilities as our co-educators. We have always been partners and our new call to action is to stay engaged and remain gracious with one another. Communication with your child's classroom teacher is more important now than ever. This is an opportunity for your child to utilize their voice, grow independence, and build resilience and flexibility. Having a sense of purpose and belonging will support your child's positive school experience throughout this evolving school year. We are in this together.

While my summer was less eventful than summers past, my time with family has been a treasure. Along with new recipes and cooking challenges, our dinner table has supported some deep and meaningful discussions with my family, my 8th grader in particular. We have been reading How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi together, which has inspired sharing of his experiences and mine. The Black Lives Matter movement has opened doors for new and impactful conversations with long-time friends and family. I am learning to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. I hope you are too. These honest and courageous discussions are necessary.

I hope that the summer with your children has brought you joy, connection, and rejuvenation. We are ready to partner with you to make this an amazing school year for your children. We look forward to seeing you on the first day of school. We will kick off the year with a Virtual Opening Ceremony on the Farm. We’ve got this, Ohlone!


Ohlone Principal

Meet our Amazing Office Staff!

Jane Dick and Heike Enders are the dynamic duo who combine to make one amazing school secretary. Jane works all day Mondays/Thursdays, Heike works full days on Tuesdays/Fridays, and they alternate AM/PM on Wednesdays. They are in close communication so nothing ever falls through the cracks :). Please send your emails to ohlonesecretaries@pausd.org and one of them will get back to you.

Xiomara Rodriguez is our new school clerk, and we are excited to welcome her to our office team. Xiomara was the director at Ohlone Kids Club and we were lucky to snatch her up. She is familiar with our students and families and has a special place in her heart for Ohlone.

Virtual School Office Hours

We want to see you! While our physical office is closed, we will have virtual Zoom office hours beginning on the first day of school. Our friendly office staff, Jane, Heike, and Xiomara will have "drop-in" office hours from 9:00-10:00am and 2:00-3:00pm. There will be a virtual waiting room where you can have a cup of tea or coffee if they are busy helping another parent. Of course, you will need to provide the table, chair, and hot beverage :). Might as well treat yourself to a chocolate croissant while you're at it.

Please visit our virtual office if you have a quick question or just want to say hello. Jane, Heike, and Xiomara are here to help! Open on Monday, August 17.

Class Placement - August 12

Your child's class placement information will be emailed today. We have had a tight turn around this year due to our changing enrollment and staffing. Thank you for your patience as we made these adjustments. We care deeply about your children and have spent much time and put careful thought into creating balanced classrooms to ensure positive learning communities. We appreciate your support for our process as we consider the individual needs of all students.

Placement Questions

If you have a question about your child's placement, I will be able to meet with you after the first six weeks of school. Please partner with your child's teacher first to problem solve any issue or concern. We have talented and exceptional teachers who are prepared to nurture and support your child’s growing heart and mind. It is important to allow time for students to transition and connect with their classroom community and teacher.

Materials Pick-Up & Teacher-Student Connection

Tomorrow and Friday are our designated days for materials pick-up. We have put together a bag of basic school supplies for each student to use at home and upon a possible return to school in the future. Please have your child find a special place to keep these materials where they can be easily accessed during the school day. This is also a time when you will pick up your device if you put in a request. Full Distance Learning families are scheduled to pick up materials on Friday.

Pick-up will happen in a drive-through format. Families will enter through the drop-off zone at the front of the school and we will place your child's school supplies and materials in trunks. If you are unable to make your time slot, please find a friend who can pick up your child's materials for you. If you do not have a means of transportation, please send me an email and we will get your supplies to you.

We will need a few things from you for pick-up day:

  1. Please only come during your designated time. We have different bags for different clusters. Teachers may also pass out materials specific to their class.
  2. Enter the Ohlone driveway from the Louis and Amarillo intersection. There will be no left turns into the driveway off Amarillo.
  3. Stay in your car and pop the trunk!
  4. Wear your mask. We will wear ours :).
  5. If you have multiple children, please come multiple times. They need to see their teacher.

Please prioritize this visit! Each teacher will be there to greet their class curbside to support connection and each child's emotional well-being. We look forward to seeing them!

The Schedule

Materials Pick-up and Teacher-Student Connection Days

Thursday, August 13 - Clusters 4/5 and 2/3

Friday, August 14 - Clusters 2/3 and K/1, Full Distance

Thursday, 8/13

Room 20 - 9:00-9:30

Room 14 - 9:30-10:00

Room 22 - 10:00-10:30

Room 26 - 10:30-11:00

Room 27 - 11:00-11:30

Room 28 - 11:30-12:00

Lunch Break

Room 30 - 12:30-1:00

Room 21 - 1:00-1:30

Room 12 - 1:30-2:00

Room 11 - 2:00-2:30

Room 9 - 2:30-3:00

Friday, 8/14

Room 10 - 9:00-9:30

Room 7 - 9:30-10:00

Room 6 - 10:00-10:30

Room 17 - 10:30-11:00

Room 16 - 11:00-11:30

Room 15 - 11:30 -12:00

Lunch Break

Room 5 - 12:30-1:00

Room 4 - 1:00-1:30

Room 2 - 1:30-2:00

Room 1 - 2:00-2:30

Full Distance Learners - 2:30-3:00

The First Day of School - August 17

Our first day of school is on Monday, August 17th at 8:30am. Students in clusters 2/3 & 4/5 will join me virtually on the farm at 8:30am before "heading to class". K/1 will be with their class on Monday and will join me for Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, August 18 at 8:30am. Families are welcome to attend. Many of you will be nearby!

The first day and few weeks of school will focus on establishing a classroom community, building relationships and cultivating a sense of belonging through interactive experiences. Teachers will guide students through Zoom and our classroom platforms in Schoology or Seesaw, where students access instruction and teachers communicate with students and parents. You will find assignments, teacher feedback, Zoom links to synchronous instruction, and more. Your child's teacher will share the schedule with you this week.

Learn About Schoology

Distance learning will include teachers using a variety of technology tools to instruct students; including Seesaw, Google Slides, video recording and Zoom. Parents and students can access Schoology by logging in to the ID Portal.

Familiarizing Yourself with Schoology

I highly recommend that all parents take the “PAUSD Schoology Backpack” course in your Schoology account. You can watch this course with your children as well. Teachers will be walking their students through Schoology several times throughout the first few weeks of school.

Ohlone Two-Week Calendar

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Please feel free to contact me through email or the phone number below. Our virtual school office hours are 9:00-10:00am and 2:00-3:00pm. Please "drop in" if you have a quick question. Jane, Heike, and Xiomara are here to help!