The Florida Coral Reefs

Brooke Rose

Location, things to do, etc.

-If you are interested in visiting the Florida Coral Reefs then you should vacation in the Florida Keys

-you can hangout on the beach, go snorkeling, and coral reef diving

-for coral reef diving, the price, including rental gear is $45, with your own gear $39, and just to ride along it is $34. You can go from 9 A.M. -12 P.M. or from 1 P.M.-4 P.M.

-If you are wanting to stay somewhere close, the Great Florida Reef lies within five miles away from the Hawks Cay Resort. The cost per night is about $250 if you are wanting to stay for a week in the summertime.

More Information

-Alma, The Wreck Galley and Grill, and Tom's Harbor House are all restaurants located near Hawks Cay Resort.

-Another snorkeling option for the reefs, is " Reef and Ritas Afternoon Snorkeling". you can take a catamaran out to the reef and snorkel. It starts at 1 P.M. and will last for about three hours. The price per person is $45.95