Year K/1 G

This week

This week kinder are learning the sight words and, I and a. They will need to try and sound out these words, say them, write them etc. In maths kindergaten are counting, ordering and representing numbers to 30. Kinder are learning about road safety with Mrs Potter and they are still visiting the KP room for developmental play some afternoons.

Year 1 is looking at nouns in grammar and will have their first spelling list of the year to learn. The list will be in their homework book along with a stencil for them to complete and return for marking on Friday. In maths year 1 will be creating and continuing number patterns and finding the missing elements. Year 1 is also looking at the unit Local Places.

We all have sport on Monday and dancing on Friday.

We have all been given our home readers and reading logs. Please read at night sign and return each day.

Talking and Listening

This week we begin our talking and listening. The first topic is 'All AboutMe'.

Tell us about your interests and sports likes and dislikes.

Year 1 children should be prepared to talk for about 2 minutes, kinder about 1minute. You may use PowerPoint, palm cards etc to help them.

News days:

Tuesday: Tilly, Molly,Euan,Kyle,Annika

Wednesday: Nadia, Luke Yve,Rhett,Lily,Henry

Thursday: Amber,Charli, Mitchell, Freya, Tom

Friday: Teddy, Noah, Sydney, Maya, Samuel

Canteen special this week is sushi. $3.00 each, bring a container please. Orders to be in by wednesday morning.