The Battle of Windows vs. Mac

Windows 10 vs. Mac OS X


Having used Windows for years, it would appear that I am very one sided, but that's not true. I love windows, but want to see what Mac OS X can give me that windows can't, so I got it on my computer. After using it for 5 days here my verdict:

Windows 10 Pros and Cons

Windows 10 is a very well rounded Operating System with some very good features and others not quite as good.


The return of the Start Menu has been a great success for Microsoft, as many users complained about the start page on Windows 8. Cortana, your personal assistant has arrived. Cortana, originally from the windows hone line up has now appeared on Windows 10. Microsoft 10 is your new Internet Explorer, with the ability to write and draw on web pages and instantly share them , this has been a big hit for Microsoft.


There is a lot less compatibility with printers, scanners and copier with the new software. When you upgrade from your previous software, you need to ask yourself, "What will not work?" Finally to add to this, you cannot block updates from the new software!

Mac OS X Pros and Cons

Mac OS X is a good soft ware for most on-computer people, but if you are into computers is it right for you?


OS X is a great software, as it is very easy too use and has a very intuitive design. The software is brilliant for those who want it to do what it says on the tin. Also it is much secure than Windows. Finally it has no anti-virus or spyware software installed at all.


Much more expensive to upgrade to in the first place, but after that it levels itself out. Also it is much more complex than windows, but it does a very good job of hiding this from the user.

My Final Verdict

Taking all of the factors into consideration, my final verdict is that if you need an easy to use operating system, choose OS X, but if you want a more developed Operating System, choose Windows 10.